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ASIIN Academy

Continuing Education And Professional Development For Higher Education and Quality Assurance Professionals Around The World 

Serving the Global Higher Education Community

Our offers include courses, workshops, webinars, and consultancy services to benefit the global higher education community and support higher education institutions in offering top quality education. Our goal is to support higher education professionals in further developing their expertise and skills in quality assurance, in didactics, and in their subject-specific areas.


Our continuing education opportunities will not only be provided by ASIIN Academy in the field of Quality assurance, but also by our higher education partners around the world. This is how we can assure you will receive the best offers available.


Discover field-specific courses to develop your expertise. Provided by our University and Network Partners around the world.


Explore our high-value Quality Assurance workshops that will support your accreditations and QM professional development 


Our consulting services are aimed at helping Higher Education Institutions level-up their internal Quality Assurance systems.


ASIIN Academy

ASIIN Academy operates under ASIIN e.V. which is a non-profit member association founded in 1999. Its business is to provide expert support to German and international universities in the implementation of accreditation procedures on the programme and institutional level. ASIIN e.V. is a leader nationally and internationally in the accreditation of programmes in engineering, the natural sciences, mathematics, computer sciences as well as in medicine and economics.

ASIIN e.V. is supported by an alliance encompassing universities, faculty associations, technical and scientific societies, professional organisations and business associations that are jointly committed to quality development in higher education. 

Within ASIIN e.V., universities and the business communities work together on an equal footing to develop internationally recognized quality standards; our subject-specific criteria are continuously developed and internationally coordinated in strategic partnership with university faculty associations. ASIIN thereby makes a decisive contribution to ensuring high educational standards and market transparency, while facilitating academic and professional mobility both nationally and internationally.

With the creation of ASIIN Academy, the key objective is to offer continuous education services that contribute to the international enhancement of teaching and learning quality as well as to create more expertise and awareness in the area of quality assurance in higher education.



We train Higher Education Professionals in Quality Assurance and Accreditation Processes.

We inform Quality Assurance Professionals about European and global best practices and trends in Higher Education Quality Assurance

We offer Professional Development Opportunities for professionals in their respective MINT fields of expertise

We foster and encourage a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing at international events and through our networks


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