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Here you can browse through subject-specific courses that are delivered by our partners in the higher education field. Every course has been carefully curated with quality as the first requirement.

Practical Python Applications (for Professionals)

Working on Laptop
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This comprehensive program is tailored for working professionals want to take Python to support practical applications in their specific fields. The course covers a spectrum of advanced Python topics, from data manipulation and visualization to web scraping, automation, and database integration.

The Online Classroom: Strategies for Effective Virtual Learning

Professionals Working
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In today's educational landscape, effective integration of digital tools and media is a vital component of university teaching and learning. Educators can enhance their online teaching practices by incorporating diverse digital elements, making their courses more multifaceted and engaging for students.

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We are looking to expand our partner network to offer the best professional development courses and workshops in the MINT field.

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Nikoloz Parjanadze
National Center
For Educational Q
uality Enhancement, Georgia

Once again, please, receive my very high appraisal of your conference, which was highly academic and planned with much precision. As I said, I enjoyed every minute of my stay in Potsdam.

Hichem Chaabane

I would like to thank you and all ASIIN team for these excellent training days, hoping that I will have the opportunity to collaborate with you in the coming days.

Xin Jiang
Beijing Xingchen Yuanjing Education
Consulting Co. Ltd

I wanted to express my gratitude for the insightful and enriching training experience. It has significantly enhanced my understanding of the role of an ASIIN expert and will undoubtedly be beneficial in my current and future professional endeavors.

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